Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sort of Like Guy Fawkes Day But Newer

Uptown Magazine! The blanket with sleeves!

I had a column published in the latest edition, discussing in brief the upcoming Louis Riel Day in Manitoba; it's only the second Louis Riel Day ever, so there's still lots to get sorted out with this holiday. Readers more familiar with my oeuvre will recall that I also wrote a column last year on the subject, when the Day was fresh and new -- and I'm happy to report that my Louis Riel Day tradition will continue this year, by which I mean I fully intend to spend the day reading Manitoba history and drinking steadily. I've already got the book picked out, in fact! What an organized fellow I am.

Speaking of organization, the big Toronto-themed post that I've promised previously should be coming down the pike by the end of the week. I've whittled the pictures down to about seventy, which is half the number I started with but still quite a handful to download at once; I may post them in two smaller chunks, if only so they'll travel down the main page faster and make life easier on everyone's modems in the future. And it wasn't until I got near the end of the whittlin' process that I saw and remembered that I took relevant video footage, so right now I'm also working on editing and encoding and uploading and--okay, yes, I see you're thrilled. Point taken, we'll move on.

Manitoba's Louis Riel Day is the third Monday in February, meaning that it coincides with Ontario's Family Day. And because universities tend to be run by clever people, damn their eyes, the Family Day also coincides with our upcoming reading week -- just to ensure that we don't get any extra days off anywhere, or anything. I'm quite looking forward to it! So expect my blog posts here to come fast and furious over the next calendar week; yes, I'll also have a metric crapload of schoolwork staring me down, but a brother's got to take his relaxation where he can get it. Fight the power!

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Anonymous said...

It got to the point where I would have easily accepted whatever stat holiday the powers-that-be and the army of teachers-influencing-schoolkids wanted. Just for the day off.

Man-made Global Warming Awareness Day, sure.
Manitoba-Federation-of-Labour Day, whatever.

I would have actually enjoyed Spirited Energy Day, it seems to fit the sarcastic, frustrated spirit of Winnipegers in February.