Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This Just Bothers Me

So about ten or eleven months ago I moved from Winnipeg to attend the University of Western Ontario, in London.

This is where they put the University of Western Ontario.

I live a ten minute walk west of the campus of said university, and the vast majority of my courses to date have taken place in the recently-built North Campus Building.

This is where they put the North Campus Building.

You will note that there are about twenty different education buildings north of it, and approximately zero education buildings east of it.

What the hell, Ontario. You were a have province for a hundred and fourty years and you never dropped the cash to put compasses in your schools? Step up your game, come on.


Keith Bailey said...

The only thing I could see why they called it the North Campus Building is if they used the Thames River as the North and South positions.

Oh man, I started thinking about maybe it could be the roads as well.

Well, I'm stumped.

James Howard said...

And this is one of the most recent things the university has built! You would think somebody somewhere along the process would have looked at a map of every other building on the god damn campus and gone "well, no, actually this looks more like" but they didn't even do that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

I've thought this since I arrived. That, and the irony that I came over 3000 km EAST to go to WESTERN. :)

Anonymous said...

(sorry James, that was me) Jennifer