Monday, September 8, 2008

An Introduction

Good evening. My name is James Howard, and this is will be my blog for the next sixteen months or so.

You may recognize me (ha ha no you don't) as a blogger and columnist, a figure of great repute high regard passing notice in my frozen and dangerous hometown of Winnipeg. But that was last week! This week finds me alone and isolated, many miles from home, sniffing hesitantly at my surroundings to get my bearings in an unfamiliar new environment.

Just last month I was accepted by the University of Western Ontario into their Masters of Library and Information Science program, and it's been a lot of scrambling and scraping since then; it was just over this past week that I packed up a computer and clothes and moved to the bright lights and big city of London. Ontario, that is. The other London.

So here I am, abruptly a graduate student in Ontario, and here as such is my second blog. This blog won't be updated as often as my last one, or at least it really shouldn't be -- because I'm here as a graduate student, after all, and graduate students traditionally have a lot of work to do. So this site can be considered a sidestory, or a second season, or a blog-away-from-blog. Take it as you will.

I'll get further into the details of the city later; this post is just here to get the ball rolling, because everything has to start somewhere. I'm a graduate student, you guys! Yeah!

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W4 said...

Good luck with your graduate studies.