Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looks Like My Weekend's Planned

I was going through the London pictures again just now and re-noticed something that will demand my immediate attention.

This was one of the sights that I'd photographed while out and about the day I took all those pictures, because I was pleased by the prospects of a healthy arts community kickin' around in the city. (It would later emerge that I have evening classes until 9:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which kind of pooches any events on those nights -- but I don't really have the disposable income to be blowing on concerts anyway, so alas and alack.) One particular bill at the time had caught my notice, probably because it was bigger and shinier than all the other ones:

Why, it's LOLA! The London Ontario Live Arts Festival, which I hadn't even heard of until I walked past and saw this poster that day! Scuttlebutt has it that it's a free (!) live outdoor festival, and the lineup looks so intriguing that I can't help but want to investigate.

For example:

Holy Fuck! Yes, the band. (I would later hear fellow students come across the poster, having apparently never heard of the band, and remark excitedly to each other about what a great name that is.) I bring this up because the organizers made a specific point of leaving Holy Fuck's name uncensored, even though anyone of any age or sensitivity threshhold might happen to pass by. That is awesome! I'm so used to seeing it written as "Holy F--k", "Holy F**k", "Holy F@#k" or what have you -- and I saw them written a lot, what with mainstream media sources trying to report on the Polaris Prize nominees -- that I'm actually strangely elated to see the name written out in full, as though the world is a better place now than it used to be. What a marvellously inappropriate reaction! I'm almost proud of myself.

(You'll note I linked to their MySpace above; from the looks of things, they forgot to pay the bill for their website. Whoops!)

Here I was going through the photos, I saw these ones again, and noted -- as you have no doubt already noted as well -- that hey, wait a minute, September 18th to 21st is right now! The promise of free mainstage music and entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings, plus a walking tour of art installations? They've got my interest!

So, yeah, I've got my weekend lined up. Working on the last batch of photos will thus take a bit longer than I'd originally anticipated -- and I'm no doubt about to be taking new ones, which will only compound the situation. Regardless! These are the noble sacrifices that a young man like me must make, sometimes.

Holy Fuck! Oh boy!

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