Friday, May 15, 2009

cookiieee aahhhhhh

I am twenty-five years old and I still draw Cookie Monster on my school notes.

My art had a reason this time, though! (Not like last time, I mean.) You can see in the snippets of scholastic notetaking above that the professor of this class brought up Cookie Monster first, specifically to mention that she likes to introduce herself to the first-term reference students by showing them the old clip of Cookie Monster at the library and building from there. (Please note that, aside from a cute example of a reference interview, this is also a good snapshot of the hilarious old-fashioned librarian stereotype. Look at him shush! Look at the bow tie! That's adorable!)

So the notes above are from the first day of Evaluation and Use of Children's Materials, Birth to 7 Years, and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have gotten into this class. The peculiarities of the University of Western Ontario graduate registration system meant that I had to go right down to the wire on today's add/drop deadline to get into this course, and now that I've successfully been enrolled I can A) avoid taking the alternate course, Human Resources Management (and no offense to whoever the prospective professor would have been for that one, but I think we can all agree that I'm more suited for children's librarianship than for high-level management) and B) finally draw up my assignment schedule for the term and find out when I get to sleep this summer.

Yes, it's another big term! A brief cross-section of the reading lists across the five courses: Kay Vandergrift, Marshall McLuhan, Beatrix Potter, Michael Geist, Eric Carle, Raymond Williams, Scott McCloud, Dorothy Kunhardt, The Law Librarian blog, the NoveList electronic database, Adobe Photoshop CS4 How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques, Don't Make Me Think!: A Common Sense Approach to Web Useability, Podcasting for Dummies, and multiple sections of the Canadian Copyright Act. A strange clump of readings, perhaps, but not as strange as having an assignment due this coming Monday! For one thing, the term just started this past Monday; for another thing, Monday is a holiday. But! If I ever need a morale boost, at least I know that I can always count on stuffing several cookies at once into my mouth and making audible chewing noises while cookie fragments go flying from my terrifying, gaping maw.

In the meantime -- for those of you who happen to be in London and reading this right now, UWO Librarians Without Borders will have a fundraising crafts table set up tomorrow at the Western Fairgrounds' weekly London Farmer's Market. Who doesn't love a good farmer's market? That's where I'll be spending the day, so let's see how long it takes for me to abandon my tablekeeping duties entirely and skitter off to find farmer's market stuff. Fellow table attendants, consider yourselves warned!


Kevin K. said...

Apropos of nothing, I switched laptops a while back and never transferred bookmarks over to this one, so it's been a while since I caught up on your blog. Good to see you're still going! I actually have a friend in London to whom I should introduce you; sci-fi/gamer girl, taken alas, but cool nonetheless. Also, I'm now just a hop/skip/jump from you, at least by Winnipeg standards (five hours or so, I believe), so you should come out and visit some weekend; I would even consider breaking down and purchasing SF4 if you did.

Also: get on facebook, you lazy slag. But only when your classes are done.

James Howard said...

Well, hey! Good to hear from you.

It's a shame I've been so busy since coming out here, because now I'm down to my last term and the most I've done for travelling out here is go to Toronto a couple of times. (Plus one trip to Kitchener, but who even counts trips to Kitchener.)

The main problem for me was just a straight up matter of timing; I turned twenty-five in April, which is the minimum age to rent a car without eating an extra $30-per-day penalty (and I used to work for a car rental chain, remember, I know these things), but as of June 1st you'll have to have an updated passport with you every time you want to drive across the border. My passport is loooong since expired (in fact, I'm not one hundred per cent certain where the old one is, save for it being somewhere in my mom's basement), and if I applied for a new one right now it still wouldn't get to me before I graduate and move to I don't even know where yet. Timing! Augh!


Yeah, I'll make a point of popping onto Facebook every now and again. Heck, if I'm in college I should act like it, right? Right! Take that, classwork!

Kevin K. said...

To that end, it would help if you shot me a friend request. Of the James Howards that are on facebook, none are listed as being from either Winnipeg or London. I, on the hand, am one of just a handful of Kevin Kandas, and I list up front where I'm from and everything.