Friday, October 10, 2008

Excitement Abounds

I slept in like crazy today, oh man. The workload is pretty ridiculous in this program -- I've got another three assignments due by next Thursday, oh man -- but I don't have class on Fridays during this term, so the end-week option of sleeping all day and working all night is a nice one to have.

I've kept surprisingly active, though, workload aside. I get out and about every so often, or chip in on some other project entirely, or find something in this big new world of Ontario that makes me smile real wide. That parade last weekend, for example! Remind me to post the parade pictures later. It wasn't a particularly exciting parade, mind you, but I'm a brother who finds ways to enjoy parades whether they're any good or not.

In the meantime, it would be completely out of character for me to not mention this next item. You may recall our new good buddy, Picnic Jesus, from a previous post; he was on a poster a month ago, smilin' and bringin' food to the hungry, and even the very idea that somebody out there earnestly (and without a shred of irony!) drew a festive anime Jesus on a campus poster made me shake my head and laugh despite myself.

Well, you'll never guess what:

He's back! He's so happy! And once I go out and buy some thumbtacks, he'll be adorning my wall!

Amazingly, despite the poster having been for a September 7th event, the poster had remained in place and mostly undisturbed for well over a month. The very idea! So when I exited class last night and walked past it, beholding in amazement that posters apparently just don't get removed in this building, the power of Picnic Jesus compelled me to roll it up and take it on home. The only thing on my wall to date is a small LOLA festival poster that they were giving out with any donation, so hell with it! I need to decorate, I'm notoriously thrifty, and I grin real wide every time I look at this.

Oh, dear. I'm boring you, aren't I? Well, okay, maybe this will prove a bit more interesting.

I watched a lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in my younger days, and the modern internet incarnation -- RiffTrax, written by and featuring members of the MST3K cast -- fills me with glee every time I check it out. Hell, at one point they brought in Weird Al Yankovic to riff on Jurassic Park! Older readers will recall my frothing lifelong loyalty to Weird Al, given that it took me two posts to encompass how much I enjoyed his last concert tour.

My old buddy Gavin Jasper contacted me a little while back about the RiffTrax site, because the site had just recently added on a new feature -- iRiffs, a section devoted to letting people send in their own submissions for publication. The very idea! Jesus, this is something that he and I (and a bunch of other people) used to do to terrible fanfiction way back in the earlier days of the internet -- this is right up our alley!

So he, I, and a friend of his put our heads together and got to work; we've got a couple selections of material that will work well (and, without question, definitely deserve some old-fashioned mockery), but we started off by testing on an old wartime Superman cartoon short so racist that it boggles the minds of audiences to this day.

The title? Wait for it -- wait for it -- Japoteurs! Haha, holy shit, I'm not even kidding.

So our very first iRiff short will be out soon enough, once the audio is balanced and the submission details are aligned. But in the meantime, it turns out I've actually got a preview available for you guys; the original audio is kind of soft for now, so a couple of the gags might not make sense, but behold nonetheless!

I'm the second voice you hear, if you were wondering.

Exciting times, you guys! Thrill as my influence and reputation as a dangerously sexy media superstar continue to expand ruthlessly! I'm the face of new media, baby!

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