Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wait No Hang On Where Did October Go

Has it really been eleven days since I last updated? My goodness. My entire understanding of time has gone out of whack since I got here, both because every week brings a handful of new assignments and because I live underground in a dude's basement.

(My basement apartment has a lone, tiny window; it opens into the garage. The Sun and I don't really hang out much anymore, these days.)

But fear not, gentle readers! Writing for fun may be a bleak proposition for me right now, but once I get these two assignments in tomorrow afternoon I'll be almost into research week. (Am I really almost halfway through the term already? My goodness.) I have plenty of work to do during the research week, of course, but the break from classes should grant me the opportunity to get up some of the awesome posts I've been wanting to write.

Check back here in a few days! You know I won't let you down.

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