Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is This a Trick Question

Yeah, yeah, I know, just hours ago I mentioned all the work I have to do for tomorrrow. Humour me my brief lapses into procrastination.

Having just returned home to avoid the prospect of walking half an hour through the oncoming freezing rain, I elected to settle in and kill a bit of time by turning on the television and having a look through the channels. I'm as yet unfamiliar with the general tone of the 'community' television here in Ontario, but when I flipped past channel thirteen -- helpfully named "Rogers TV" -- I had to flip back again and peer quizzically at the screen.

Behold as I beheld:

haha what

I'm pretty sure at this point that future exposures to Rogers TV programming are going to underwhelm me, because my current understanding of this channel is based around a sarcastic question at the bottom of the screen and a dude who looks like he's about to crack up laughing any second now.

Scheduled future topics for this guy's show include:

"How about this weather we're having?"
"Does anybody still shop at The Bay?"
"Who even bothers to recycle their empties?"
"Are there any Maple Leafs fans left?"
"Shorts with socks and sandals: what are you, ninety?"

I am completely setting myself up for disappointment, aren't I? Ah, well. Dare to dream, I always say! But, back to work.

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