Friday, October 3, 2008

Whoo Weekend Yes

Uptown Magazine! While Mom and Dad sleep in!

This week you can call me Willi Williams, because it's armagideon time. I know I may have mentioned this previously in passing, but my goodness I do not understand what the Canadian Press is thinking sometimes. What was this story even doing in the news that day, let along appearing in newspapers across the country ahead of financial collapse and ravaging hurricanes and killer food and everything else going on in the world? Is this supposed to be our feel-good distraction story? Man alive.

Gentle readers, I know that my last post had promised you a couple of neat things -- and that Uptown column is one of them, obviously, but unfortunately the other one isn't quite ready yet. Alas! So in the meantime, here's something I had picked up at LOLA but hadn't yet shown off to you all:

Yesss! Ha ha, oh man, what a great shirt. I was originally intending to buy a Plants and Animals shirt after the killer set they played that night, but since their shirts only ran in Large or smaller (and I am, to put it mildly, an extra-large dude) I waited to see what the Holy Fuck shirts would look like. And lo and behold! If a bandolero housecat in a cowboy hat and neck bandana on a t-shirt isn't worth fifteen bones, then I don't know what is.

Also in the "neat things" category, but placed squarely in the future: tomorrow at around noon the University of Western Ontario will apparently be throwing a homecoming parade down through downtown London, and anybody who knows me (or has read my work before) knows how much I love a good parade. I'll see if I can't take some pictures for you guys while I'm out there!

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